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Piedmont Chapel Booklet

Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-01
Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-02
Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-03
Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-04
Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-05
Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-06
Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-07
Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-08
Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-09
Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-10
Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-11
Piedmont - Launch_Plan_Book-final-12


From Piedmont Chapel (Greensboro, NC)

Printer Used: Overnight Prints

Size: 8.5in x 11in

About The Design:
We are currently using these booklets in the launch process of our new church, Piedmont Chapel. They have been great in both printed form and in digital download.

Fonts: Wisdom Script, Gotham

Stock Photos: Lightstock.com

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